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Why TTA?

Think Through Academy is a new tuition-free charter high school: 9-12. TTA exists to equip each graduate students with skills and knowledge that are necessary to be successful at school and beyond school Through:

Extended Learning Time:

  • by increasing the school calendar to 185 days
  • by increasing the school day by 21 minutes.
  • by adopting a Double Dose Schedule that provides students with more than double time provided in regular schools to master ELA and Math concepts (131 hours in each Math and ELA course).

Teacher-students’ ratio:

Our teachers- students ration which is 1-20 and our block scheduling with only four periods will reduce the burden teachers have while individualizing for each student.

Individualized Education for Each Learner:

At TTA we are aware that students do not come with the same knowledge, same experience, and same skills. Due to the diverse learning needs of TTA students, the curriculum will be delivered through differentiated instruction which requires teachers to ­­­­­­­­­­­consider not only what they are teaching (content), but also whom they are teaching (individual students).

Equip each individual learner with 21st Century Skills:

TTA provides a learning environment where students become critical thinkers, collaborative partners, and communicators. Each student will be involved every day and in every subject in:

  • Cooperative Learning: this will foster positive ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­diverse student interactions which furthers TTA’s mission, vision, and core values.
  • Digital literacy: TTA uses technology in the classroom to equip TTA students with digital literacy skills required for 21st century jobs. Students will learn how to use blogs and digital boards as well as other software applications which helps keep them globally competitive.
  • Project Based Learning (PBL): TTA will engage students in Project Based Learning to provide them with opportunities for interdisciplinary learning. This will ensure rigor, as well as improve higher order thinking and problem-solving skills across the curriculum. Given this.

Providing Students with Choices:

TTA curriculum is implemented through differentiating with Learning Menus to ensure that each scholar’s needs are being considered and catered by considering their academic level and ability, learning style, and student interest. TTA will provide students with choices in learning the concepts and in assessing the concept.

Providing students with different choices teach them independency and responsibility. This also train them to analyse and synthetize the choices they have to take advantage of the opportunity provided to them and avoid bad choices

Engage Each Learner with the community:

Students will complete community service activities that will both assist the community, and help engage students in their community.

Rotational Model:

TTA will follow the rotational model to implement its Differentiated Instruction, RTI, PBL and STEM.

This model will help students develop skills to work independently, in small group, and in large groups.

This model starts with the whole class works together with the teacher as the teacher provides instructions and models. Then, the class breaks into small groups which rotate among the following stations:

  • Computer Station: Individualized online learning stations for practice, enrichment, and intervention.
  • Collaboration Station: Students will work with each other to alternative solutions, and thoughtfully solve problems.
  • Project Station: in-class collaborative learning groups students. Each team member will have specific roles and responsibilities.
  • Catch-All Station: small group led by teacher for intervention, reinforcement, or enrichment
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