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Now Enrolling Grade 9-12 Join us to save your Spot When : Monday to Friday, from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM . Where : 3232 W Thomas Rd, Phoenix AZ 85017.
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Why TTA?

Think Through Academy is a new tuition-free charter high school: 9-12. TTA exists not only to help students get their high school diploma, but to equip each graduate students with skills and knowledge that are necessary to be successful at school and beyond school Through:

Research Based Teaching Strategies

*Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics

* Project-Based Learning: students are learning through fun and creative projects

* Additional languages

* Critical Thinking.

* Community Services

*  Assessment by Menu: Students are given choices to meet their individual needs

* Rotational Model Students are actively engaged in group settings

 Why TTA?

* 1:1 Student to computer ratio

* Small class size: Teacher to student ratio is 1:20

* Extended Learning Time: With Double Dose Bloc Scheduling students are given more time to

learn at their own pace

* Individualize education: Math lab, Reading Lab, Dual Enrollment

Free Breakfast

*  Free Lunch:

*  Free Transportation

*  Free After School Activities

*  Free Tutoring

After School/ Saturday Activities

*  STEM Club

*  Robotics Club

*  Chess Club

* Jewelry Club

*  Sports (Basketball and Soccer)


*  Free English classes

*  Free computer classes

*  Free Quarterly Clinic

*  TTA community closet

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