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The Director of Academics job description

The Director of Academics (DA) will assist the principal to accomplish the school’s mission and vision. DA will focus mainly on curriculum, instruction, assessment, professional development.

Director of Academics (Y1‐Y3)
Reports to Principal
Supervises All teachers, advisors / admissions staff, and human resource staff.
Job Goal To ensure student academic growth
  • Master degree or equivalent in
  • Minimum of three years administrative and secondary classroom experience
  • Experience in the supervision of faculty members
  • Thorough knowledge of state standards and requirements for secondary school education
  • Proficiency in curriculum development
  • Experience in coaching and training adults
  • Experience working in urban low-income schools
  • Strong knowledge of Arizona State  Standards.
  • Experience in designing curriculum
  • Administrative experience
  • Ability to assess data and use it to drive instruction
  • Supervises teachers
  • Participate in hiring, managing, and developing TTA academic staff
  • Develop and oversee the curriculum, instruction, and assessment programs
  • Collaborate in collecting, analyzing, the creation and revision all academic data analysis and intervention programs
  • Lead teacher training and professional development
  • Assists with Student Recruitment: marketing, advertising, strategic plan and lottery
  • Participate in the development of a personal education plan for each assigned student.
  • Assessment Management: maintain calendar, content and school data
  • Oversees and manages school wide curriculum and assessment
  • Contracted Service Management: special Education services and curriculum services
  • Collaborate with School principal in reporting School Academic Performance to: Arizona Department of Education, Arizona state Board of Charter, and grantors
  • Manage school professional development in accordance with the induction program
  • Familiar and follow school rules and regulations and procedures.
  • Management: AZELLA testing, reports, data tracking
Indicators of Effectiveness
  • Promotes collaborative problem solving and open communication.
  • Collects, analyzes, and uses data to identify school needs
  • Uses data to identify and plan for needed changes in the instructional program
  • Student academic growth
  • Graduation rate



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