World History I: Students will study the development of civilizations around the world from the Renaissance to the present. Major themes will include the development and influence of human-geographic relationships, political and social structures, economic systems, major religions and belief systems, the effects of science and technology, the vital role of the arts, and the importance of trade and cultural exchange.

US History: Students will study the nation’s history from the end of the Civil War to the present, including the emergence of the United States as an industrial nation, highlighting social policy as well as its role in modern world affairs.

US Government: Students will study US government and civics, as well as Arizona state and local government

ECONOMICS 1 One-quarter course, Prerequisite: none

Students will study the fundamental properties of economics, including business and consumers in the marketplace. Economics is the study of how people choose to use their limited resources to produce, exchange and consume goods and services and how these scarce resources are allocated among competing ends. The course will examine the characteristics of different economic systems, the essential component of private property in a free-market environment, the role of government in the economy of the United States and the effects of international trade and development on our lives. The course is based on the national and Arizona State Social Studies Standards for Economics