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Nurse job description

Nurse (Y2‐Y3)
Reports to Director of Operations
Supervises None
Job Goal Manages and coordinates the assigned school’s health services program based on standards established by the school, and by local, state and national regulations.
Educational &


  • Bachelor Degree in Nursing is mandatory.
  • Valid CPR certification
  • Minimum two years’ experience as a professional registered nurse.
Knowledge &


  • Possess basic pharmacological knowledge
  • Ability to use clinic/medical equipment
  • Ability to assess emergency situations
  • Ability to lift students as required
  • Strong communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Ensure compliance with procedures, protocols, and other instructions provided for the ACA
  • Assume responsibilities for appropriate assessment, planning, intervention, evaluation, management, and referral activities for students
  • Follow procedure for suspected cases of child abuse and neglect
  • Provide health information to assist students and families in making health-related decisions
  • Provide health education and anticipatory counseling
  • Provide nursing care and physical screening to students; assess students and implement first aid measures for students as needed
  • Maintain, evaluate, and interpret cumulative health data to accommodate individual needs of students
  • Implement and record required screening programs; notify parents when further medical evaluation is needed
  • Participate in home visits to assess the family’s needs as related to the child’s health
  • Promote and assist in the control of communicable diseases through preventive immunization programs, early detection, surveillance, and reporting of contagious diseases
  • Counsel with students concerning problems such as pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and substance abuse in order to facilitate responsible decision making practices
  • Assist in the formation of health policies, goals and objectives for the school unit
  • Responsible to maintain and to update cumulative health records
  • Act as a health liaison between school, home, and the community
  • Perform other duties as assigned
Indicators of Effectiveness
  • Performance of this job will be evaluated by the school principal in accordance with the school’s policies and procedures

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