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Governing Board

The School is governed by a single Board of Directors (the “Board”). The board is charged with overseeing the management of the School’s affairs including all operational, financial, and pedagogical issues. All Board Directors are required to maintain a valid Arizona Fingerprint Clearance Card and complete the required background check.

School Board Meeting Notices

Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statues (“A.R.S.”) § 38-431.02, notice is hereby given to the
members of the Board of Directors of Think Through Academy High School that the board will
hold a meeting open to the public monthly at Think Through Academy, 3232 W Thomas Rd, Phoenix , AZ 85017.
The Board of Directors reserves the right to change the order of items on the agenda, with the
exception of public hearings set for a specified time. To ensure compliance with the Open
Meeting Law, recipients of this message should not forward it to other Board members, and
Board members should not reply to this message. One of the members of the board may
participate virtually. The agenda materials can be reviewed online at
Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statues (“A.R.S.”) § 38-431.02 (H), the board may vote to convene
in executive session, which will not be open to the public, for discussion or consultation for legal
advice with the boar’s attorneys concerning any item on this agenda.

Per A.R.S. §38-431.02, Think Through Academy hereby states that:

  • All meetings will be held at Think Through Academy Charter School unless otherwise indicated.
  • All Meeting announcements and agendas will be posted at on campus and on the School’s website at least 24 hours in advance of Board meetings
  • Any materials that the Board needs to review for decision-making or discussion purposes must be provided to the Board Chair at least one week prior to the Board meeting.
  • All materials related to agenda items will be distributed as a package for Board review.
    (Note: If something is proposed that is not placed on the agenda, the decision will be discussed with the Board member who suggested the item to determine how best to handle it.)

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